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1. You Now Have Choices: Alternatives To Reading Glasses Have Arrived!

Are you squinting more often and worried that reading glasses are unavoidable? Do you find yourself holding menus and books farther away? You may be experiencing a natural aging condition of the eye that makes it difficult to focus on nearby objects (presbyopia). Many people think that reading glasses are a normal part of getting older. Maybe you’ve worn reading glasses for years and just can’t stand them anymore. We have good news for you! Eye Point Optometry has several contact lens alternatives to reading glasses.

2. Multifocal Contact Lenses Are An Option

Multifocal contacts are similar to progressive eyeglasses. In other words, they provide a gradual change in lens power for a natural transition from distance to up-close vision. In this type of lens design, different parts of the lens are designated for focusing far away and focusing nearby (and sometimes intermediate). Then, depending on the viewed object, your visual system automatically determines the region(s) of the lens that provide the sharpest vision.

3. Multifocal Contacts For Astigmatism Are Now Available

In the past, astigmatism may have prevented you from getting multifocal contacts. Previously, soft multifocal contact lenses could not correct for astigmatism, but that has changed. Recently, Bausch and Lomb released a monthly disposable soft, multifocal toric contact lens called “Ultra Multifocal for Astigmatism.” Our very own Dr. Sellers was one of 500 optometrists nationwide invited to attend a contact lens fitting symposium for these lenses. Therefore, Eye Point Optometry is one of the first eye doctors in High Point to have access to these lenses. Of course, we are excited to provide this new technology to the High Point community!

4. Multifocal Contacts Are Available In Daily Disposable Lenses For Convenience

For ultimate convenience, consider wearing daily disposable contact lenses. These lenses are used once and then discarded at the end of the day, requiring no cleaning. As a result, daily disposable lenses have the lowest incidence of eye infections when worn as directed. Eye Point Optometry has several daily disposable multifocal contact lens options available.

5. If Multifocal Contacts Do Not Work For You, Monovision Lenses Are Another Option

Until you have a contact lens fitting, there’s no way to know if you’ll be able to adapt to multifocal contact lenses. If multifocal lenses aren’t comfortable or don’t give you adequate vision, a monovision contact lens is another alternative.  

Monovision lenses use your dominant eye for distance vision and your non-dominant eye for near vision. Eye Point Optometry performs all of the necessary testing to determine eye dominance and fit these lenses properly.  

Typically, monovision contacts rely on single-vision lenses, unlike their multifocal counterparts. As a result, monovision lenses are a less expensive option.  


If you want to try alternatives to reading glasses, Eye Point Optometry will work closely with you to determine which contact lenses provide you the best vision and comfort while also being sensitive to your budget. Additionally, the list of available alternatives to reading glasses are expanding due to contact lens innovations so you may have more success now than in the past. Find out what options are available for you by calling us at (336) 422-7136 or request an appointment!