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A comprehensive eye exam requires more than just a vision check. As a result, your Eye Point Optometry eye exam consists of various procedures to evaluate the health of your eyes and determine if prescription lenses are needed for your best possible vision. Your eye exam will consist of the following tests:

  1. Visual Field Screening: This test can reveal missing areas of vision that can be related to eye diseases, but can also detect brain tumors, aneurysms, and strokes

  2. Eye Pressure Check: Elevated eye pressure can lead to the development of glaucoma  (Don’t worry, we don’t do the air puff test!)  

  3. Refraction: This is the procedure that allows Dr. Sellers to determine your glasses prescription…Which is better, one or two?  

  4. Dilation: In order to evaluate the full health of your eyes, dilation is recommended. With dilation, eye drops are used to enlarge the pupil allowing Dr. Sellers to more easily see the internal structures of your eyes. This aids in checking for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, retina holes/tears, and other various eye issues.  

Additional tests and procedures may be performed based on your individual needs or issues such as dry eyes. We may also recommend retinal photography for our diabetic patients and to document other findings such as moles and freckles.

Eye Point Optometry recommends that you have an eye exam annually. If you have specific health or vision conditions or concerns, you may want to review the American Optometric Association’s recommendations.

Eye Point Optometry is eager to provide the best eye exams in High Point. Please call (336) 422-7136 to schedule an appointment or reach out to us below!

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High Point Eye Exam


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