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Dr. Sellers, High Point’s newest optometrist, was raised in the Triad and returns to open Eye Point Optometry… See More

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Eye Point Optometry features a highly trained doctor and staff that aim to exceed each patient’s expectations… See More

Family Eye Care

Eye Point Optometry specializes in comprehensive eye health and vision care for patients of all ages… See More

About Eye Point Optometry

Eye Point Optometry, located near High Point University and the Emerywood neighborhood, aims to provide the highest quality, family focused eye health care to the High Point, North Carolina community in a comfortable, professional setting. While offering a wide range of services, Dr. Angela Sellers, our High Point optometrist, specializes in primary eye care, the medical treatment of diseases affecting the eyes, and surgical co-management. Above all, our highly trained optometrist and staff will strive to exceed each patient’s expectations, provide the best vision possible, and be your #HighPointEyePoint.

  • Eye Health Care
  • Vision Correction
  • Medical Management of Eye Diseases
  • Retina Photography
  • Contact Lens Fitting
  • Specialty and Medically Necessary Contact Lenses
  • Emergency Services Including Injury or Foreign Body Removal

Patient Reviews

Brenda Reyna
Brenda Reyna
March 13, 2023.
This was my second experience with Eye Point Optometry and it was awesome. The dr was very nice and so was the receptionist. She didn't have to dilate eyes instead used a new camera that took pictures and that was so nice. I have never had to wait more than just a few minutes to be seen.
Bryan Fowler
Bryan Fowler
March 9, 2023.
Friendly, calm and laid back. Everything I was looking for. Not to mention knowledgeable and very articulate in the explanations of what she found.
Sam Faison
Sam Faison
March 1, 2023.
The best eye doctor I been to won't change up great job
Faybn Cheek
Faybn Cheek
February 10, 2023.
Amidst an unexpected eye emergency on a Friday at 230pm I reached out via chat on Google and almost immediately got a response and on her Friday off (ish) the Dr was willing to see me, the admin was very nice. I appreciate the friendliness, and compassion toward me and my situation! Highly recommend!
Greg Shelton
Greg Shelton
February 3, 2023.
My experience with eye point optometry was 100% positive. Dr Sellers was very good at what she does. She explained my situation to me and answered all my questions. She was very patient and very knowledgeable. Her staff was very efficient and accommodating. I was in to see the doctor as scheduled, of course it always helps for new patients to come 15 minutes earlier to fill out paperwork. I will be visiting eye point optometry again!
Ron Grillo
Ron Grillo
February 3, 2023.
The visit was simple, informative, professional and very friendly. I would be happy to recommend Eye Point Optometry, Dr. Sellers and staff.
R Briea
R Briea
February 1, 2023.
Dr. Sellers was kind, caring & professional. My daughter’s first eye appointment was such a positive experience due to Dr. Sellers and her staff. Highly recommend! Our whole family will be coming to Eye Point Optometry from now on!
Nathan Pope
Nathan Pope
December 28, 2022.
Very Nice, Professional, and attentive. Would recommend to family and friends.

High Point Optometrist

More than a Vision Exam

Comprehensive Eye Care Requires More

As a result, your Eye Point Optometry eye exam consists of various procedures to evaluate the health of your eyes and determine if prescription lenses are needed for your best possible vision. Because of this, we want you to know that our office will refer any patient to the appropriate specialist if we detect or suspect any problems not treated by us. (See our information about eye exams and pediatric eye exams.) Here are a few of the main services Eye Point Optometry provides:

1. Eye Health Care

To protect your well-being, we use several instruments and procedures to evaluate the health of your eyes. In addition, Dr. Sellers and Eye Point Optometry use the latest technology to check for cataracts, retinal problems, and evidence of systemic diseases such as diabetes, glaucoma, and high blood pressure.

2. Lens Prescriptions

The refraction is a series of lens tests to determine the proper prescription for glasses or contact lenses. Due to this, your feedback is important and will aid Eye Point Optometry in finding the best prescription for your vision. Above all, Eye Point Optometry strives for the utmost in accuracy and precision.

3. Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are available in prescriptions for nearsighted, farsightedness, astigmatism, most bifocal corrections, and also to change your eye color. Therefore, Eye Point Optometry provide complete professional care from the initial contact lens exam to follow-up visits after you receive your lenses. Most importantly, Eye Point Optometry is committed to fitting you with the healthiest lens options available that suit your visual needs or color contact preference.

Our High Point Partner

Eye Point Optometry is proud to partner with our next-door neighbor, Optics Eyewear. As a result of our partnership, Eye Point Optometry and Optics Eyeware are a one-stop shop for eye exams and glasses in High Point, NC. Optics Eyewear provides in a wide variety of eyewear services and products, from designer eyewear to budget-friendly options. Likewise, their experienced team can guide you on the best options for your budget, personality, and preferences. Additionally, they can use key information about you – such as if you live an active lifestyle or are on a computer a lot – to help choose eyewear options that suit your needs, from polarized eyeglasses to prescription sunglasses.

Our Insurance Information

Eye Point Optometry accepts a wide variety of insurance carriers and payment options. In order to best understand your needs, please contact our friendly and helpful team. Below you can find some of our notable insurance providers.

Aetna Medicaid
Blue Cross Blue ShieldMedicare
CignaUnited Health Care
Community Eye CareSuperior Vision

Our Eye Care Services

At Eye Point Optometry, Dr. Angela Sellers and our entire team are committed to providing advanced vision care in a professional and comfortable environment. As a family focused eye doctor in High Point, North Carolina, our primary eye health care service includes a complete eye exam that analyzes eye health and vision function. In addition to eye exams and vision testing, Dr. Sellers and our team of optometry professionals provide testing for glaucoma, macular degeneration an dry eye disease. Additionally, our High Point optometrist also offers contact lenses, and pre- and post-operative care. Please see our eye care services for more information, and call us at (336) 422-7136 with any questions you may have.

Medical Management of Eye Disease

We treat diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eyes, & more. See More

Specialty/Medically Necessary Contact Lenses

Certain medical conditions cannot be addressed sufficiently through surgery or glasses and therefore require special contact lenses in order to treat the patient’s vision issues. See More

Retina Photography

Eye Point Optometry is proud to offer retinal photography to our patients to help us… See More

Pediatric Eye Exams

We recommend an eye exam prior to starting kindergarten. Moreover, if there is a family history of amblyopia, often referred to as a “lazy eye,” then we recommend an eye exam even earlier.    See More

Contact Lens Fitting

The goal of contact lens fitting is to find the most appropriate contact lens for each… See More

Emergency Services

For your well-being, it is important to seek medical attention for any eye or eyelid injuries, foreign bodies in the eye, or sudden changes in vision.  See More

Our Mission

Eye Point Optometry aims to provide you and your family with top-notch service by:

Being the best eye doctor in High Point, NC

Providing the best eye exam in High Point, NC

Being the best pediatric eye doctor in High Point, NC

Treating eye care as more than a vision exam

Working with you on any medical concerns you have for your eyes or vision

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